CAD News

Did you know? George W. Veditz was the longest serving president for the CAD in the first 30 years since its establishment. Passion for the preservation of our beautiful sign language God has given to the deaf community and deaf education. If he were alive today, what would he be doing? He would be using the videos more to share his thoughts about the today’s society, especially deaf education. Do you agree?

We are currently seeking for writers/editors who may wish to contribute their time to work with The Deaf Coloradans team.

As you see, we finally have our website up and running, it is exciting. If you wish to share your feedback or comments about our website, please do send us a comment via “Contact Us” Not only the website, we also want to hear from you how you can join us in building the resources for the CAD to publish newsletters, provide outreach and education. All board members are volunteers and we would love to have you to join us to serve on committees. It is called community accountability. Until next time!