CAD Timeline

Highlights of CAD’s past legislative involvements

Legal Interpreting/Auxiliary Services Act (2006)

Recognition of ASL for College/HS credits (2003)

Telephone Equipment Distribution Program (2002)

Colorado Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (2000)

Colorado Deaf Child’s Bill of Rights (1996)

Telephone Disabled Users Fund (1989)


History Highlights

1996:   The Colorado Association of the Deaf (CAD) implemented a core committee, the Magnet School of the Deaf, now called the Rocky Mountain Deaf School (RMDS). The core committee has a spin off to a non profit organization focusing on Deaf education (Laurent Clerc Educational Fund of Colorado).  RMDS is a public charter school with the oversight of the LCEFC board serving the deaf children in ASL/English education.

1992:   The CAD hosted the National Association of the Deaf conference in Denver.

1990    The CAD formed the CSDB Alumni Association

1970:   The CAD instrumental in establishing the Colorado Advisory Council serving the Deaf (CACSD) comprised of 21 organizations of, for, and by the deaf in Colorado. CACSD established the Charles B Avery Memorial Scholarship Fund. (It later became the Center on Deafness in 1980)

1949:  The CAD received its first 501c3 classification from the IRS

1904:  The CAD founded by the alumni of the Colorado School for the Deaf (and the Blind) in Colorado Springs “to promote the advancement of [the] social, intellectual, and moral status of the Deaf. George W. Veditz was the first president while he was serving as the 7th president of the National Association of the Deaf (NAD).