Public Policy

Deaf Education:

Currently collaborating with the Rocky Mountain Deaf School and Colorado Hands & Voices with the “Inspired Change” grant made possible by the CCDHH grant.

  1. Re-visit of “A Blueprint for Closing the Gap”, commissioned by the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) and the Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind in 2002;
  2. Involvement of the key players (e.g. deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals, parents, Early Hearing Detection and Involvement and Deaf Education personnel and other stakeholders) in a new task force;
  3. Assurance that the deaf and hard-of-hearing voice will be a majority of this task force, strategic planning process and implementation of the action items;
  4. Initial implementation of at least one (1) revised blueprint recommendation by the end of FY 2014; and
  5. Sustainability of this task force’s work to implement the rest of the revised blueprint (e.g. additional funding or grants) beyond Fiscal Year 2014.

Communication Access:

Join us in our efforts to increase the need for communication access for all areas especially in the legal settings, hospital care settings, job interviews, and public places.

Quality of Professional Sign Language Services – Agencies accountability: It has been reported the number of sign language interpreting agencies are placing unqualified interpreters for certain assignments. What to do about this?  Join us in our efforts to address and how, the deaf customers, can also be part of the process with the interpreting agencies in selecting an interpreter to assign.

Medical Communication Access Project: The Colorado Association of the Deaf is collaborating with the Civil Rights Education and Enforcement Center (CREEC) and the Colorado Cross Disabilities Coalition (CCDC) to investigate the hospital and doctor offices policies in providing sign language interpreters. If you had any experiences with a doctor or hospital that refused to provide an interpreter when you requested it or experienced the lack of effective communication (the quality of the interpreting services) in medical settings, please take few minutes to fill out the link and share your experiences. Link:

Thank you!

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