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Trees and Mountains



Over time, more history will be added to this section as the website committee carries out its work. 

CAD's Logo History


Current Logo 


The CAD logo is one circle, featuring shaded white mountains in front of a gray backdrop, and purple foothills in the forefront. At the bottom of the purple foothills is “Est. 1904”. Just above the mountains is a small yellow circle, representing the sun or moon. The words, Colorado Association of the Deaf, encircles the logo. 

Primary colors of our logo are purple, dark green and white. 

2015 CAD Logo.JPG

2015 Logo

The logo was approved by the members on November 7, 2015 and ratified by the board in the minutes of our April 10, 2016.

A thick circular letter C is solid red, and encompasses a golden yellow O, which resembles the Colorado State flag. Inside the yellow disc is a pair of navy blue open-palm hands, seemingly in motion. On top of the red C are the words, “Colorado Association of the Deaf”; “Veditz Policy Institute” hugs the bottom of the red C. Just inside the red C, above Veditz Policy Institute, the words “EST. 1904” are outlined in white. 

The primary colors of this CAD logo are red, yellow and navy blue, which imitates the Colorado state flag.

1985 CAD Logo.JPG

1985 Logo

Designed by Eldon L Ragland, this logo was adopted by the CAD at the 1985 biennial convention in Larkspur, Colorado.

The logo of the CAD consists of two circles; between the outer and inner circles: COLORADO ASSOCIATION in the upper left, and: OF THE DEAF, in the lower right, and the words: “Founded in 1904” under the upper inner circle, bisected by two short double-lines to the left of the circle, continuing behind and into the circle, and into three stylistic double-lined peaks in descending height from left to right within the circle, representing the mountains, and ending with a straight line extending in front of and to the right of the circle, representing the plains; between the second and third peaks is an arc, representing the sun, and centered under the three peaks is a columbine, the Colorado state flower.

The primary colors of this CAD logo are purple (columbine and “purple mountain majesties”), white (snow), and yellow (sunshine and “amber waves of grain”).

The corporate seal of the CAD is inscribed with the full name of the organization: “THE COLORADO ASSOCIATION OF THE DEAF”, the year of incorporation: “1948”, and the words: “Colorado” and “Seal”.

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